Tutorials and Cheatsheets

Telling stories on the web can be mighty fun. It can also be frustrating and time-consuming. I've trained hundreds of journalists in multi-platform reporting at conferences and bureaus around from Tokyo, to Frankfurt, to Dallas -- and though they all seemed to enjoy the hands-on training they also seemed to love the handouts that my colleague and friend Andrew Lih and I developed.

Here are some that you might find useful. I will add more as I develop them.

Gahhh?! What should I do?
A flowchart for aspiring multi-media
platform reporters

Anatomy of a Chart
handout for aspiring multi-media platform

Video Interviews 
A reference for video shooters who are
preparing for an interview

Five Shot Sequence
A video shooting reference for reporters
starting to shoot video

Equipment Decisions
A reference for those buying their first video kit