I started teaching multi-platform storytelling when I first worked for The Wall Street Journal, developing anything from technical workflows to helping print journalists learn to shoot video for feature stories. Since then I have become an educator at conferences and universities.

I believe in a story-first approach: nail down your story before you cast a medium to tell it. Since technology is constantly changing, I try to distill lessons down to visual storytelling principles and let that inform what technical skills I teach.

Below are tipsheets I produced for multitasking journalists, course syllabi I developed for universities, and workshop slides I used at conferences. I want this information to be available to journalists and educators for free. Please share these materials widely, re-use them or copy and modify them for your purposes. You can also get in touch with questions you have. I try to get to requests within a few days, though it doesn't hurt to poke me once or twice if you don't hear from me.

You can email me at info [at] lamivo [dot] com.

Tip sheets

Gahhh?! What should I do?

A flowchart for aspiring multi-media
platform reporters

Anatomy of a Chart

handout for aspiring multi-media platform

Video Interviews

A reference for video shooters who are
preparing for an interview

5-Shot Sequence

A video shooting reference for reporters
starting to shoot video

Equipment Decisions

A reference for those buying their first video kit


A list of APIs, libraries and other useful web tools I try to maintain can be found here

Courses and workshop

Find below a selection of sillabi and workshops I've given at conferences, universities and other events.

Infographics and Data Journalism

A syllabus for a data journalism and infographics course I developed for UMass Amherst can be found here (at the end of this syllabus you will find a lesson plan with links to materials for each lesson)

Fundamentals in interactive journalism

A syllabus and materials for a fundamentals in interactive journalism course I developed for CUNY's Graduate School of Journalism can be found here (the site includes html files set-up for exercises, slides to each lesson and links to interesting projects)

Fast-track Video: Video Reporting

This workshop is an introduction to video storytelling — from how video is used on the web, to how you can organize your video reporting, to shooting in the field (Last taught at the Native American Journalists Association Conference 2014, Online News Association 2012)

Fast-track Video: Video editing

This workshop is an introduction to video story structure, organizing principles in video editing, basics in linear editing software and the vocabulary of video editing (Last taught at the Native American Journalists Association Conference 2014, Online News Association 2012)

Data and Audience Engagement

This workshop is about gathering data from your audience, the role of different social media platform in disseminating information and building communities and technology-based and real-life examples of engaging audiences (Last taught at the Native American Journalists Association Conference 2014)

Introduction to Data Journalism and Infographics

This workshop is about the use of data in journalism, the changes in data over time, data processing workflows and data visualizations (Last taught at Funglode in the Dominican Republic, the IFP Made in New York Media Center Workshops 2014 and Alaska Public Media Conference 2013)

Data Tools

This workshop walks you through the production of a data visualization — from gathering, cleaning and processing data to picking the right kind of data visualization tools (Last taught at the Asian American Journalists Association Conference 2014 and developed with Joanna S. Kao and Ritchie King)

Building a diverse newsroom

This medium post compiles research on recruiting and hiring diverse talents