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This page collects a number of teaching materials about multi-platform journalism and was developed for a workshop series conducted at the journalism department of the National College of Managment in affiliation with the University of Yangon. The selection of online tools and the tutorials were optimized for these students' needs, keeping in mind things like which products support the Myanmar unicode font, what online services students are already using (for instance, gmail) and whether the tools were free of cost.

Journalism students from the National Management College perform a song they wrote about journalism.

Founded in 2007, the National Management College's journalism department is the only one in Myanmar when I came to visit in early 2015. The country was under strict censorship laws until the early 2010s. While this site is targeted at the students I taught in Yangon, other journalists with similar technological and financial constraints should feel free to use, remix and distribute these materials.

To my students: As I told you, I come with a lifetime guarantee. Email me if you have questions. I might need some time to reply but I do try my hardest to be responsive.

To everyone else: you can email me, too, if you have suggestions for the existing material and/or have materials that you think this specific target audience could find useful.

All presentations used during the training can be found here.

Special thanks go to Andrew Lih and Matthew Rivera who co-developed a lot of the video teaching materials, to Al Jazeera America for allowing me to republish some materials I developed for their newsroom, to Brian McDermott from the University of Massachussetts Amherst who empowered me to develop a data and infographics journalism course at his journalism department, and to the countless students who have given me feedback on my teaching over time.

You can find my work at lamivo.com and email me at info@lamivo.com